14th October 2002 - Seminar Room 12.50pm (Bring your sandwiches)
Each grouplet within the Astronomy Group is invited to describe their research (using a couple of OHP slides if required), and introduce the grouplet members.

As one of the main reasons for the jamboree is to for the new students to find out who's who, it has also been suggested that any particular fields of expertise in the grouplet be mentioned (eg, C++ guru, IRAF devotee, AIPS specialist) and also perhaps any outside interests, so they can find out what Southampton has to offer...

I've also had a request that the new students be introduced in a similar way, so if they don't mind, it would be a good idea if they could stand up very briefly and say a few words about themselves. We've also got a couple of members of the Maths GR group coming along, as they'd like to see what's going on and introduce themselves as well.

Since we've only got the room for an hour, and have lots of speakers, we need to restrict the amount of time allocated. The speakers are representing groups of different sizes, so may I suggest that that individuals have 2mins, small groups 3mins and large groups a maximum of 5mins, although shorter talks are fine.

If you've got any questions, or I've missed anyone out, please let me know. Many thanks.

For information, last year's format is described here.

Provisional programme

Grouplet: Speaker (on behalf of)

X-ray binaries: Phil Charles (Will, Stephen, Andy)
Cataclysmic Variables: Boris Gänsicke
White dwarf binaries: Tom Marsh (Luisa, Eduardo, Carolyn)
White dwarf binaries: Christian Knigge (Sofia)
High mass X-ray binaries: Malcolm Coe (Nick H, William, José)
Maths GR group: Anna Watts
New students: Andy Barnes, José Luis Galache, Adam Hill
BATSE/INTEGRAL/SWIFT: Tony Dean (Ralph, Colin, Dave, Tuomo, Adam)
Liverpool Telescope Spectrograph: Luisa Morales Rueda
Detector Physics Group: Matthew Dallimore (David Ramsden, Grant, Debbie)
Extragalactic Astronomy: Ian McHardy (Katherine, Phil U, Nick S, Rich)
Black hole environments: Mike Goad
Theoretical astrophysics: Christian Kaiser (Julie, Ross)

Any Other Business (eg, discuss future Monday lunchtime seminars)

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