Dr Paul Roche (FT Project Director, University of Cardiff)
26th March 2003
"The robotic astronomy revolution: The Faulkes and Liverpool Telescope projects"

The Faulkes Telescopes Project will allow UK schools to access research-grade astronomical instruments located at professional observatory sites in Hawaii and Australia. Users will be able to control the telescopes "live", due to the time zone differences between the sites, and undertake astronomical projects using CCD imaging and spectroscopic instruments. A range of research collaborations are being established with universities across the UK, allowing schools to work alongside professional astronomers, and contribute data to assist with real research programmes of international significance. Educational support materials are being developed to allow easy integration into the National Curriculum and various A level syllabi.

This talk will cover the FT project and other astronomical programmes such as the National Schools Observatory, which is offering data from another 2-metre research instrument, the Liverpool Telescope, on La Palma, Canary Islands.

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