Dr Nic Walton (IoA, Cambridge)
29th January 2003 (Seminar Room)
"AstroGrid and the Virtual Observatories: Enabling On-Line Research"

AstroGrid is currently constructing the UK's Virtual Observatory. The main scientific aims of the project are:

* to improve the quality, efficiency, ease, speed, and cost-effectiveness of on-line astronomical research
* to make comparison and integration of data from diverse sources seamless and transparent
* to remove data analysis barriers to interdisciplinary research
* to make science involving manipulation of large datasets as easy and as powerful as possible.

The talk will describe the current status of the project, noting AstroGrid's position within European and Global Virtual Observatory projects. The status of early demonstration capabilities will also be highlighted - with a real time display of some early capabilities at the end of the talk (assuming ethernet connections are available).

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