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By default, seminars take place at 12:00 on Mondays, in the Physics Seminar Room.

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Mon 01 Jul 2019 - David Price (Southampton)

Full talk list below:

Autumn term

Mon 10 Sep 2018 - Kavitha Arur (Texas Tech)
Bicoherence of low frequency QPOs from GX 339-4
Mon 01 Oct 2018 - Pip Grylls (Southampton)
Satellite galaxies in groups and clusters: A novel Semi-Empirical Model
Mon 08 Oct 2018 - John Coxon (Southampton)
Tailward propagation of magnetic energy density variations
Mon 15 Oct 2018 - Tomás Müller (Southampton)
Cosmology with VEILS: Building an Infrared SN Ia Hubble Diagram
Mon 22 Oct 2018 - Lorenzo Zanisi (Southampton)
The sizes of Ultra Massive galaxies - a dark matter perspective
Mon 29 Oct 2018 - Adam Hill (Southampton)
What is an EiR? And what the heck is Docker?!
Mon 05 Nov 2018 - Chris Marsden (Southampton)
Presenting ‘Astera’, a cosmological Visualizer
Mon 12 Nov 2018 - David Williamson (Southampton)
Big Insights into Small Galaxies
Mon 19 Nov 2018 - Kevin Byard (AUT)
Three Dimensional Imaging at High Energies
Mon 26 Nov 2018 - Charlotte Angus (Southampton)
Superluminous Supernovae in the Dark Energy Survey
Mon 03 Dec 2018 - Giulio Mancuso (La Plata National University)
Thermonuclear burning on the neutron star surface: studying the transition between unstable and stable burning regimes.
Mon 10 Dec 2018 - Alessandra Costantino (Southampton)
Gamma-ray imaging with coded masks - A Slew Survey of INTEGRAL/IBIS data
Mon 17 Dec 2018 - Rukaiya Khatoon & Pranjupriya Goswami (Tezpur University)
Synchrotron Spectral Curvature in Blazars / The Flux Distribution of Individual Blazars as a Key to Understand the Dynamics of Particle Acceleration
Spring term

Mon 14 Jan 2019 - Claudia Gutierrez Avendano (Southampton)
Analysis of type II Supernovae in low luminosity host galaxies
Mon 21 Jan 2019 - Kevin Alabarta (Southampton)
Spectral and timing evolution of the black hole candidate MAXI J1727-203 with NICER
Mon 28 Jan 2019 - James Leftley (Southampton)
The Polar Dust in AGN
Mon 04 Feb 2019 - Mark Hollands (Warwick)
Bound remnants of SNIax in the Milky Way
Mon 11 Feb 2019 - Triana Almeyda (Southampton)
Dust Reverberation Mapping of AGN with VEILS
Mon 18 Feb 2019 - Phil Wiseman (Southampton)
Into the Deep: Exploring 5 years of Dark Energy Survey imaging
Mon 25 Feb 2019 - Mat Smith (Southampton)
MoleGazer: equating melanoma with stellar explosions
Mon 04 Mar 2019 - Brian Luff (Southampton)
The sub-class of LMXBs known as 'Dippers'
Mon 11 Mar 2019 - Mayukh Pahari (Southampton)
A 30-minute journey within the 30 light-minute radii of accreting supermassive black holes: X-ray reverberations
Mon 18 Mar 2019 - Edward Parkinson (Southampton)
Spectral Modelling of Disk Winds in Tidal Disruption Events
Mon 25 Mar 2019 - Nick Higginbottom (Southampton)
Radiation-hydrodynamic simulations of thermally driven disk-winds in X-ray Binaries
Summer term

Mon 29 Apr 2019 - Dominic Ashton (Southampton)
QPO Hunting: A statistical search for hidden quasi-periodicities in X-ray observations of AGN
Mon 06 May 2019 - No seminar
Mon 13 May 2019 - Noel Castro Segura (Southampton)
V341 Ara - the nova-like variable that has it all
Mon 20 May 2019 - Marta Venanzi (Southampton)
Dusty winds in AGN
Mon 27 May 2019 - No seminar
Mon 03 Jun 2019 - Michael Johnson (Southampton)
SExtractor, hotpants and Kepler
Mon 10 Jun 2019 - Gayathri Raman (ICTS, India)
Are Kilonovae standardizable candles?
Mon 17 Jun 2019 - Lisa Kelsey (Southampton)
The Effect of Local Environment on Type Ia Supernovae in the Dark Energy Survey
Mon 24 Jun 2019 - Dale Weigt (Southampton)
Mon 01 Jul 2019 - David Price (Southampton)

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