Dr Judith Croston

Judith Croston Contact details:

Room 4063; Ext. 22111

School of Physics & Astronomy
University of Southampton
Highfield, Southampton
SO17 1BJ, U.K.

Tel. +44-(0)-23-8059-2111
Email: J.Croston@soton.ac.uk
Web: www.astro.soton.ac.uk/~jc4n08
Research Interests
My research interests focus on the physics of radio-loud active galaxies and of their environments, groups and clusters of galaxies. Current research topics include: the role of radio-loud AGN outbursts in the formation and evolution of galaxies and galaxy clusters, particle acceleration and ultra high-energy cosmic ray production in radio galaxies, and the physical conditions in radio galaxy jets and lobes. I am also interested in new and next-generation radio and X-ray facilities (e.g. LOFAR, eMERLIN, SKA, IXO).