Astronomy Group Monday Lunchtime Talks 2017/18

All talks take place at 12.00pm in the Seminar Room, unless stated otherwise.
For more information, contact Charlotte

Autumn term

28 September 2017 - 15 December 2017

DateSpeakerTalk title
2 Oct Judith Ineson "Blast from the past - can we use the properties of distant radio galaxies to build samples of high redshift galaxy groups?"
9 Oct Ra'ad Mahmoud (Durham) "Modelling the energy dependence of BHB flows"
16 Oct Pragati Pradhan (Penn State) "Exploring transient detections with the WFI onboard Athena"
23 Oct David Williamson "Polar IR emission in AGNs: the 'torus' as a dusty wind"
30 Oct Jiachen Jiang (IoA) "The 1.5Ms observing campaign on IRAS 13224-3809: X-ray spectral analysis"
6 Nov Szymon Prajs "Transient classification using neutral networks"
13 Nov Peter Boorman "Brave NuLANDS for hidden active galactic nuclei"
20 Nov Bailey Tetarenko (University of Alberta) "Constraining the physics of the dynamic accretion flows in compact binary systems"
27 Nov Rory Brown "The Be-musing Be-haviour of Be stars"
4 Dec Philip Grylls "Connecting dark matter structure to the observable galaxy population"
11 Dec Miika Pursiainen "Rapidly evolving optical transients in the Dark Energy Survey"

Spring term

8 January 2018 - 16 March 2018

DateSpeakerTalk title
8 Jan Victoria Lepingwell "Machine Learning in High Energy Astronomy Surveys"
15 Jan Jamie Court "The propeller effect: a transition in a bursting pulsar?"
22 Jan Shane Davis (University of Virginia) "How black holes dine above the Eddington 'limit' without overeating or excessive belching"
29 Jan Steve Browett "Effect of magnetospheric convection timescales on magnetotail flux rope core field"
5 Feb Andy Smith ""Evaluating single spacecraft observations of planetary megnetotails with simple monte carlo simulations"
12 Feb Julia Alfonso Garzon (INTA-CSIC) "Long-term optical and X-ray variability of the Be/X-ray binary H1145-619"
19 Feb Michael Johnson "Michael Johnson and the big survey telescope"
26 Feb Will Alston (IoA) "Understanding the inner accretion region using fast X-ray variability"
5 Mar Sadie Jones "Four years of online engagement with UK schools: The 'SETI Cipher Challenge'"
12 Mar Noel Castro Segura "Optical spectroscopy of Blazars"

Summer term

16 April 2018 - 15 June 2018

DateSpeakerTalk title
16 Apr Marta Venanzi "Dusty winds in AGN"
23 Apr Laurence Blacketer ---
30 Apr Aru Beri "X-ray observations of very faint x-ray transients (VFXRTs) versus bright x-ray transients"
14 May John Paice ---
21 May Kevin Alabarta ---
4 Jun Bella Boulderstone ---
11 Jun Jade Reidy ---