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By default, seminars take place at 11:15 on Mondays, in the Physics Seminar Room.

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Autumn Term 2021

Mon 04 Oct 2021 - Paul K. H. Yeung (Southampton)
Studies of Gamma-rays from the Crab Pulsar & Vela Pulsar
Note: To be held on Microsoft Teams
Mon 11 Oct 2021 - Phil Wiseman (Southampton)
Precision Measurements of the Type Ia Supernova Delay Time Distribution
Note: Hybrid in-person/Teams
Mon 18 Oct 2021 - John Paice (Southampton)
Introducing CorrSim - A Correlated Timing Observation Simulator
Note: Hybrid in-person/Teams
Mon 25 Oct 2021 - John Coxon (Southampton)
Hot plasma in the magnetotail lobes shows characteristics consistent with closed field lines trapped in the lobes
Note: Hybrid in-person/Teams
Mon 01 Nov 2021 - Raphael Shirley (Southampton)
Joint Vera C. Rubin Observatory optical and VISTA near infrared data fusion
Note: Hybrid in-person/Teams
Mon 08 Nov 2021 - No seminar
Mon 15 Nov 2021 - Matt Grayling (Southampton)
Core-collapse supernovae in the Dark Energy Survey
Note: Hybrid in-person/Teams
Mon 22 Nov 2021 - Nick Higginbottom (Southampton)
Towards self consistent radiation hydrodynamic simulations of line driven disk winds
Note: Hybrid in-person/Teams
Mon 29 Nov 2021 - Jakub Orwat-Kapola (Southampton)
Light-curve fingerprints: an automated approach to the extraction of X-ray variability patterns-an example application to GRS 1915+105
Note: Hybrid in-person/Teams
Mon 06 Dec 2021 - Marcus Toy (Southampton)
Properties of Type Ia SNe in Galaxy Clusters
Note: Hybrid in-person/Teams
Mon 13 Dec 2021 - Dale Weight (Southampton)
Identifying jovian X-ray auroral families: tying the morphology of X-ray emission to associated magnetospheric dynamics
Note: Hybrid in-person/Teams
Spring Term 2021

Mon 10 Jan 2022 - No seminar
Mon 17 Jan 2022 - Judith Ineson (Southampton)
Radio-loud AGN: A brief introduction
Note: To be held on Microsoft Teams
Mon 24 Jan 2022 - No seminar
Mon 31 Jan 2022 - No seminar
Mon 07 Feb 2022 - Alessandra Costantino (Southampton)
A back-projection approach to coded aperture imaging for SPECT applications
Note: To be held on Microsoft Teams

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