Astronomy Group Seminar Programme 2004/5

All seminars take place at 4pm in Lecture Theatre B, Shackleton building, unless stated otherwise. For more information, contact

This year's programme is currently being prepared. If you are interested in giving a seminar in Southampton, please contact the organisers.

Spring term

1 January 2005 - 30 March 2005

Date/Time Speaker Talk title
13 Jan/12:40 Prof Phil Charles (SAAO) Seminar Room. "A status report on SALT"
19 Jan/16:00 Dr Eamonn Kerins (Liverpool John Moores) "From dark matter to extragalactic planet hunting: gravitational microlensing surveys of the Andromeda Galaxy"
25 Jan/16:00 Dr Dave Willis (ISDC Geneva) "Evidence of polarisation in the prompt gamma-ray emission from GRB 930131 and GRB 960924"
2 Feb/16:00 Dr Robert Massey (Royal Observatory) "Astronomy outreach on a heritage site"
Thu 17 Feb/16:00 Dr Warren Skidmore (Caltech) "The Thirty Meter Telescope project"
23 Feb/16:00 Kris Beckwith (Durham) "Broad Iron Lines as a Probe of Strong Gravity"
Thu 24 Feb/11:55 Maths 8B Dr Kinwah Wu (MSSL) "Ultra-compact Double Degenerates and Related Systems"
2 Mar/16:00 Dr Philipp Podsiadlowski (Oxford) "From Supernova to Hypernova: Understanding Supernova Diversity"
9 Mar/16:00 Dr Raman Prinja (UCL) "Wind structure and the nature of mass-loss in OB stars"
16 Mar/14:00 LTB Professor Niek van Hulst (Twente, Netherlands) "SCAPA Lecture; "Molecular Photonics"; Nano-games with single molecules and photons."

Summer term

18 April 2005 - 12 June 2005

Date/Time Speaker Talk title
13 Apr/16:00 LTB Dr Matt Burleigh (Leicester) "Searching for dying solar systems - planets around white dwarf stars"
20 Apr/16:00 Dr Robin Barnard (Open University) "X-ray timing of the Andromeda Galaxy: black holes galore and plenty more!"
27 Apr/16:20 LTA Prof Peter de Groot (Southampton) "Inaugural lecture; From loving stone to Nanomagnet & Spintronics"
4 May/16:00 Dr Kathy Romer (Sussex) "X-ray and Sunyaev-Zeldovich Surveys for High Redshift Clusters: an update from ACBAR and the XCS"
11 May/16:00 Dr Anna Watts (Goddard) "Hotspot or heatwave? Getting to grips with neutron star burst oscillations."
18 May/16:00 Dr Kostas Glampedakis (GR/Southampton) "Spin equilibrium of neutron stars in LMXBs: do we need gravitational radiation ?"
25 May/16:00 Dr Katariina Nykyri (Imperial College) "The influence of the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability on the solar wind plasma entry into the Earth's magnetosphere: simulations and observations from 4 spacecraft Cluster mission"
1 Jun/16:00 Dr Andrew Bunker (Exeter) "The first billion years of history: star forming galaxies in the early universe revealed with the Hubble Ultra Deep Field"
8 Jun/16:00 Prof Peter Challenor (SOC/Southampton) "Waves on Titan"
15 Jun/16:00 Dr Rob Hynes (Louisiana) "Is there more to flickering in quiescent black holes than we think?"
22 Jun/16:00 Dr James Miller-Jones (Amsterdam) "GRS1915+105 and relativistic kinematics from radio jets in microquasar systems"
Thu 07 Jul/13:00 Sem.Room Dr Mike Garcia (CfA) "Three Years of Chandra/XMM/HST Observations of M31 Turn up Many Transients and a Few Surprises"