Southampton University Astronomy Group Seminar Programme 2001/2:

All seminars take place at 4pm in Physics Lecture Theatre B, unless stated otherwise. For more information, email

The astronomy group also runs a programme of less formal seminars on monday lunchtimes. Details can be found here.

The General Relativity group seminar programme can be found here.

  Autumn Term
10th October Jamboree Astronomy Group more
17th October Dr Warren Skidmore (St Andrews) The Recent, Rare Superoutburst of the Extraordinary
Cataclysmic Variable, WZ Sagittae
24th October Dr Guy Pooley (MRAO, Cambridge) Radio studies of X-ray binaries more
31st October Dr John Porter (Liverpool John Moores) How to make discs around Be stars...and then make them go away too! more
7th November Prof Marcus Brüggen (International University Bremen) Bubbles in the Intra-Cluster Medium  
14th November Dr Nils Andersson (Soton GR Group) Heavy weather: Astrophysical consequences of the r-mode instability more
21st November Dr Ulrich Kolb (Open University) Stars older than the Universe more
28th November Dr Richard Bingham (UCL) Optical Design and some UK Instruments for Astronomy more
5th December Prof Anthony Whitworth (Cardiff) Impulsively Triggered Star Formation. more
12th December Prof Mike Merrifield (Nottingham) Unravelling Galaxy Morphology more

  Spring Term
16th January Prof Tony Hey (Southampton ECS) E-science and the Grid more
23rd January Dr Stella Bradbury (Leeds) Very High Energy Gamma-ray Astronomy - the view from Arizona more
30th January Dr Tim Roberts (Leicester) Do X-ray observations of nearby galaxies reveal a new class of black holes? more
6th February Dr James Reeves (Leicester) XMM-Newton Results on Active Galactic Nuclei
13th February Dr Graham Wynn (Leicester) Unstable, eccentric and warped: the behaviour of accretion discs in close binaries more
20th February No seminar - Royal Society Meeting X-ray Astronomy in the new Millenium more
27th February Dr David Buscher (Cambridge) Milli-arcsecond optical imaging with large arrays: the next five years more
6th March Dr Martin Haehnelt (IoA) Growing supermassive black holes at the centre of galaxies  more
13th March Dr Andy Robinson (Hertfordshire) Smoke and Mirrors: probing the nuclear structure of Seyfert galaxies using spectropolarimetry  more
20th March   Dr Tim Harries (Exeter) The Royal Road to the Small Magellanic Cloud  more

  Summer Term
1st May Kinwah Wu (MSSL) X-rays from normal galaxies  more
8th May Dr Sylvain Chaty (Open University) Multiwavelength observations of microquasars: a view on jets and dust  more
15th May Prof Malcolm Longair (MRAO) The Astrophysics and Cosmology of Bright Radio Galaxies  more

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