Southampton University Astronomy Group Seminar Programme 2003/4:

All seminars take place at 4pm in Physics Lecture Theatre C, unless stated otherwise. For more information, email seminars at

Previous year's seminar programmes are available here: 2001/2, 2002/3.

The astronomy group also runs a programme of less formal seminars on Monday lunchtimes. Details will be posted soon.

The General Relativity group seminar programme can be found here.

  Autumn Term
15th October Jamboree
Astronomy Group more
22nd October Professor Clive Tadhunter (Sheffield) The lifecycles of powerful radio galaxies: triggering and feedback
30th October
5.30pm LTA
Professor Ian McHardy Inaugural Lecture
5th November Dr Anne Green (Sussex) WIMP hunting: directly detecting dark matter more
12th November Dr Marek Kukula (Edinburgh) The evolution of quasars and their hosts more
17th November Dr Stuart Ryder (AAO) The Anglo-Australian Observatory: Today, and into the Future more
19th November
4.30pm LTA
Departmental SCAPA Lecture Focusing Subwavelength Images: Metamaterials Open New Doors in Electromagnetism
Professor John Pendry, FRS (Imperial College)
26th November Professor James Binney (Oxford) The Dynamics of Cluster Cooling Flows more
3rd December Dr Paul Alexander (Cambridge) The Environmental Impact of Radio Sources more
10th December James Fisher (Sussex) Binary Stars and Interstellar Recycling more

  Spring Term
Professor Alan Watson (Leeds)
Ultra high energy cosmic rays: the highest energy particles in Nature
7th January Dr Remon Cornelisse (Southampton)
How to use low mass X-ray binaries to probe the interior of neutron stars more
14th January Professor Ian McHardy (Southampton)
Long Timescale X-ray Variability of AGN with RXTE
21st January
Dr Georgi Pavlovski (Southampton)
Numerical simulations of molecular turbulence more
28th January
Dr Gijs Nelemans (Cambridge)
Ultra-compact binaries as optical, UV, X-ray and gravitational wave sources more
30th January
1.50pm Sem. Room!
Dr Chris Done (Durham) Black holes and strong gravity more
4th February Dr Tim Cawthorne (UCLan) A precessing nozzle in the jet of BL Lac? more
11th February Presentations of lectureship candidates
18th February Dr Jonathan Loveday (Sussex)
Evolution of the Galaxy Luminosity Function at z < 0.3 more
23rd February
12:50pm Sem.Room!
Dr Alex Schwarzenberg-Czerny (Warsaw)
Extended simultaneous multiwavelength observations of V603 aql more
25th February Seminar cancelled
3rd March Dr Kirpal Nandra (Imperial College)
X-ray probes of high redshift galaxies more
10th March
Dr Seb Oliver (Sussex) PPARC long-term strategy for Astronomy more
17th March Dr Mark Cropper (MSSL)
GAIA - Science and Technology more

  Summer Term
5th MayDr Robert Massey (Royal Observatory)Astronomy outreach on a heritage site more
21st April Dr Carole Mundell (Liverpool John Moores) Probing the Gaseous Environment of Seyfert Galaxies - from kiloparsecs to light years more
28th April Dr Simon Goodwin (Cardiff) Star formation in cores more
5th May Seminar Cancelled
12th May Professor Andrew King (Leicester) Ultraluminous X-ray sources more
Mon 24th May 12.45pm Sem. Room Professor Thierry Courvoisier (Geneva) tbc more
Thu 27th May Sh/LTC Dr Kieran O'Brien (ESO Chile) Echo-mapping more
2nd June
Dr Andrea Dieball (Southampton) Binary star clusters in the Magellanic Clouds more
9th June

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