Southampton University Astronomy Group Seminar Programme 2002/3:

All seminars take place at 4pm in Physics Lecture Theatre B, unless stated otherwise. For more information, email

If you are interested in giving a seminar in Southampton, please contact the organisers.

Last year's seminar programme is available here.

The astronomy group also runs a programme of less formal seminars on Monday lunchtimes.

The General Relativity group seminar programme can be found here.

  Autumn Term
7th October
Seminar Room
Dr Dave Buckley (SAAO)
SALT: Southern African Large Telescope more
14th October
Seminar Room 12.50pm
Jamboree Astronomy Group more
23rd October Dr Seb Oliver (Sussex) The SIRTF Wide-area Infrared Extragalactic Legacy Survey, SWIRE more
30th October No seminar Postgrad demonstrators training session
6th November Dr Martin Barstow (Leicester) The future of high resolution X-ray and EUV spectroscopy more
13th November Dr Gaitee Hussain (CfA) Mapping magnetic activity in young cool stars more
22nd November
Dr Silas Laycock (CfA) Discovering and Monitoring Pulsars in the SMC more
27th November
Lecture Theatre C
Dr Marek Gierlinski (Durham) The colour of accretion or how to see the event horizon in black holes more
4th December No seminar
11th December Dr Alastair Edge (Durham) Cooling Flows: my part in their downsizing more

  Spring Term
15th January Dr Carole Haswell (Open University) Accretion Flows and Black Hole Masses more
22nd January
Shackleton C
Dr Lee Thompson (Sheffield) Astrophysics on the sea floor - the ANTARES Neutrino Telescope more
29th January
Seminar Room
Dr Nic Walton (IoA) AstroGrid and the Virtual Observatories: Enabling On-Line Research more
5th February Dr Graziella Branduardi-Raymont (MSSL) High resolution X-ray spectroscopy of Active Galactic Nuclei more
6th February
Maths Dept
Dr Stephan Rosswog (Leicester) Coalescences of neutron star binary systems
Joint seminar with the GR group
12th February Dr Tony Bird (Southampton) INTEGRAL - current status and early results more
19th February Dr Simon Vaughan (IoA) A long, hard look at the Seyfert galaxy MCG-6-30-15 with XMM-Newton more
26th February
Prof Priya Natarajan (Yale) Constraints on the nature of dark matter from gravitational lensing more
5th March Dr Matthias Schreiber (Strasbourg) The Disk Instability Model (DIM) more
12th March Dr Stuart Littlefair (Exeter) Accretion discs in T Tauri stars more
20th March
Maths Dept
Dr Max Ruffert (Edinburgh) Merging Neutron Stars and Black Holes as Central Engines of Gamma-Ray Bursts
Joint seminar with the GR group
26th March Dr Paul Roche
(FT Project Director, University of Cardiff)
The robotic astronomy revolution: The Faulkes and Liverpool Telescope projects more

  Summer Term
7th May No seminar due to train strike
15th May
Maths Dept
Giovanni Miniutti (Cambridge) Evolution of proto-neutron stars and emission of GWs
Room 8B, Maths Dept
21st May Dr June McCombie (Nottingham) Spectroscopic Studies Probing the Chemical Environment Around Stars more
28th May
Shackleton B
Dr Rudy Wijnands (St Andrews) Chandra and XMM-Newton observations of quiescent neutron star X-ray transients more
4th June
Shackleton B
Dr Emma Bunce (Leicester) Magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling currents in the Jovian and kronian magnetospheres more

  Additional Summer Seminars
21st July
Midday, LTB
Dr Nick Seymour (IAP) ISOCAM observations of the ESO-Sculptor faint galaxy redshift survey more
3rd September Dr Darragh O'Donoghue (SAAO) tbc

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