XCalibur 2019

July 15-18 2019 • Winchester, UK

Full Programme (Updated July 13)

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Skeleton outline:

JULY 15 (Monday): State-of-the-art Plasma Physics; Search for new physics
JULY 16 (Tuesday): Future Perspectives; ISM/IGM Science
JULY 17+18 (Wednesday+Thursday): Compact Objects; Feedback
JULY 17: Conference Dinner at Winchester Cathedral Annex
JULY 18: Excursion to Stonehenge

Discussion Facilitators : Each day will have a dedicated open discussion session for everyone, facilitated by 1-2 experts. Bring along your questions and comments.


Andy Fabian: Hitomi, the Perseus Cluster and AGN Feedback
Ciro Pinto: X-ray solving AGN feedback in clusters of galaxies
Kazuo Makishima: How do Galaxies Interact with Intra-Cluster Medium?
Jelle Kaastra: Atomic Data and Models: a Primer for high resolution X-ray spectroscopy
Lydia Stofanova: A new cooling curve due to the updates of collisional excitation processes in the plasma code SPEX
Christopher Bambic: Powerful Sound Waves from AGN Jets
Kevork Abazajian: Sterile Neutrinos
Brian Willians: Laboratory Astrophysics Needs for XRISM and Beyond
Hendrik Ulbricht: Proposal to detect dark matter by a mechanical oscillator
Masahiro Tsujimoto: Hitomi data (what you really need to know!)
Misaki Mizumoto: Hitomi Hackathon walkthrough
Liyi Gu and Alexey Boyarsky: Discussion

Monday Posters
Judith Ineson: IC vs. ICM: distinguishing between X-ray emission from RLAGN lobes and their host galaxy groups
Peter Kosec: A highly ionised disc wind in Hercules X-1
Denys Savchenko: Surface brightness profile of the 3.5 keV line in the Milky Way halo
Ekaterina Sokolova-Lapa: X-rays from neutron star atmospheres at low accretion rates
Sam Waters: Multiwavelength Campaign on NGC 7469: Photoionisation Modelling of the Emission Line Regions
Jiachen Jiang: High Density Disk Reflection Spectroscopy

Didier Barret: The Athena Mission: Status and Community Preparation
Randall Smith: The Arcus Explorer
Graziella Branduardi-Raymont: Solar system science possibilities at high spectral resolution
Jiren Liu: X-ray signatures of the polar dusty gas in AGN
Satoru Katsuda: High-Resolution X-Ray Spectroscopy of Southeastern Knots in Tycho's SNR with XMM-Newton/RGS
Fabrizio Nicastro: The Intergalactic Medium at High Spectral Resolution
J. Nevalainen: Searching for the hot WHIM
Taiki Kawamuro: A Chandra and ALMA Study of X-ray irradiated Gas in the Central ~100 pc of the Circinus Galaxy & A Science Prospect in the XRISM Era
Massimo Cappi and Randall Smith: Discussion on Future Missions

Craig Heinke: Prospects for measuring the neutron star equation of state with high resolution spectroscopy
Chris Done: Winds in (disc accreting) binaries
Koji Mukai: The density of the boundary layer in non-magnetic cataclysmic variables
Paul Hemphill: Accretion in Ultracompact X-ray Binaries: A Unified Picture of 4U 1626-67
K. Fukumura: Confronting UFO Models with Correlations from Magnetic View
Rozenn Boissay-Malaquin: Relativistic components of the Ultra- Fast Outflow (UFO) in the Quasar PDS 456 from Chandra/HETGS, NuSTAR and XMM-Newton observations
Misaki Mizumoto: The Origin of UFOs in AGN
Mislav Balokovic: Constraints on AGN Torus and Outflow Geometry from High-resolution X-ray Spectroscopy

Wednesday Posters
Peter Boorman: Resolve-ing AGN Obscuration with XRISM
Alfredo Luminari: Unveiling the physics and the geometry of X-ray outflows with the WINE model
Sourabh Nampalliwar: eXtreme gravity with X-rays
Mike Nowak: The Hunt for UFOs with Chandra-HETGS
Corbin Taylor: Modelling the Black Hole Reflection Spectrum with Fenrir
Dominic Walton: An extreme ultrafast outflow in the Seyfert 2 galaxy IRAS 00521-7054

Erin Kara: Tidal Disruption Events
Murray Brightman: Uncovering and studying neutron stars powering ultraluminous X-ray sources with high resolution X-ray spectroscopy
Jiri Svoboda: Steep X-ray reflection emissivity profiles in AGN as the result of radially structured disc ionization
Stefano Bianchi: Evidence for Radiation Pressure Compression in the X-ray Narrow Line Region of Seyfert Galaxies

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