Astronomy Group Seminar Programme 2006/7

All seminars take place at (the new time of) 3pm in Lecture Theatre B, Shackleton building, unless stated otherwise. For more information, contact

Next year's (2007/2008) programme is currently being prepared. If you are interested in giving a seminar in Southampton, please contact the organisers.

Autumn term

5 October 2006 - 15 December 2006

Date/Time Speaker Talk title
11 Oct Astronomy Group "Jamboree"
18 Oct Dr. Nick Schurch (Durham) "X-ray absorption in self-consistent AGN disk winds"
25 Oct Dr. Chris Gerardy (Imperial) "New Observational Constraints on the Physics and Progenitors of Type Ia Supernovae"
1 Nov Dr. Luisa Morales Rueda (Nijmegen) " The Faint Sky Variability Survey "
8 Nov Prof. Walter Gear (Cardiff) "The QUEST for CMB Polarization"
15 Nov Dr. Boris Gaensicke (Warwick) "Observational constraints of compact binary evolution"
22 Nov Dr. Antonis Georgakakis (Imperial) "The environment of AGN at z~1"
29 Nov Prof. Matt Griffin (Cardiff) "The Herschel Space Observatory"
6 Dec Dr. Evert Rol (Leicester) " Afterglow observations in the Swift-era: expectations and surprises "
13 Dec Dr. Stephen Justham (Oxford) "Hunting the Runaway Descendants of Type Ia Supernovae "

Spring term

8 January 2007 - 16 March 2007

Date/Time Speaker Talk title
10 Jan Dr. Tom Dwelly (Southampton) "The demographics and evolution of the absorbed AGN population "
17 Jan Dr. Ulrich Kolb (Open University) "Compact binaries near and far "
24 Jan Chris Copperwheat (Warwick) "The Optical Emission from Ultraluminous X-ray Sources "
30 Jan (Tuesday!) Harald Frey (SSL, University of California) "Localized aurora beyond the auroral oval "
7 Feb Dr. Robert Dunn (Southampton) "Radio Source Interactions in Galaxies and Clusters of Galaxies "
14 Feb Dr. Natalie Webb (Toulouse) "Globular clusters and their binaries "
21 Feb Dr. Adam Hill (Southampton) "INTEGRAL 4 years on: The latest results from the IBIS survey. "
28 Feb Dr. Claudia Maraston (Oxford) "Ages and Masses of (high-redshift) galaxies: the role of stellar population models"
7 Mar " "
14 Mar Dr. Vanessa McBride (Southampton) "Probing neutron star magnetic fields "

Summer term

16 April 2007 - 22 June 2007

Date/Time Speaker Talk title
25 Apr ""
2 May Dr. Lorraine Hanlon (UCD) "Observations of gamma-ray bursts with INTEGRAL and robotic telescopes"
9 May Dr. Julien Malzac (CESR/CNRS, Toulouse) "Discs, coronae, and jets around black holes"
16 May Dr. Mat Page (MSSL/UCL) " Starbursts and quasars, chickens and eggs"
23 May Dr. Pierre Maxted (Keele) "SuperWASP: The Wide Angle Search for Planets."
30 May Dr. Jim Hinton (Leeds) "Status and Prospects for TeV Gamma-ray Astronomy"
6 Jun Dr. Rhaana Starling (Leicester) "Probing GRB environments out to high redshift"
13 Jun Dr. Sergei Nayakshin (Leicester) "Star formation and accretion in parsec scales in Sgr A* and AGN "
20 Jun Dr. Suzie Ramsay Howat (ATC, Edinburgh) "The KMOS multi-object spectrometer for the VLT"