Astronomy Group Seminar Programme 2008/9

All seminars take place at (the new time of) 4pm. Note that because of scheduling clashes, we will have to use several different venues this year. For more information, contact

This year's (2008/2009) programme is still being prepared. If you are interested in giving a seminar in Southampton, please contact the organisers.

Autumn term

2nd October 2008 - 12th December 2008

Date Speaker Talk title Time/Venue
30 Sep Leslie Sage (Nature) "How to publish a paper in Nature " 4pm, Seminar Room
8 Oct Astronomy Group "Jamboree" 4pm, Shackleton B
15 Oct Christophe Martayan (Royal Observatory Belgium) " Behaviour and evolution of B and Be stars with different metallicities: an approach of massive first stars." 4pm, Shackleton B
22 Oct Iossif Papadakis (University of Crete) " Long term spectral variability analysis of AGN " 4pm, Shackleton B
29 Oct Knox Long (STScI) " Far Ultraviolet Observations of Disks, Winds, and White Dwarfs in Cataclysmic Variables " 4pm, Shackleton B
5 Nov Chris Evans (ROE) " The European Extremely Large Telescope " 4pm, Shackleton B
12 Nov Coel Hellier (Keele) " Transiting exoplanets from the WASP-South survey " 4pm, Shackleton B
19 Nov - " " 4pm, Shackleton B
26 Nov Peter von Ballmoos (CESR, France) " Gamma-Ray Optics " 4pm, Shackleton B
3 Dec Wynn Ho (GR group, Soton) >" Modelling Observations of the Surfaces of Isolated Neutron Stars " 4pm, Shackleton B
10 Dec Sasha Belyaev (HEP group, Soton) " Dark Matter Motivated SUSY signatures at the LHC " 4pm, Shackleton B

Spring term

5th January 2009 - 20th March 2009

Date Speaker Talk title Time/Venue
7 Jan - " - " 4pm, Shackleton B
14 Jan Meghan Gray (Nottingham) " STAGES: Galaxy Evolution in Dense Environments " 4pm, Shackleton B
21 Jan Somak Raychaudhury (Birmingham) " Low frequency radio evidence of feedback in galaxy groups " 4pm, Seminar Room
28 Jan Rob Fender " LOFAR " 4pm, Seminar Room
4 Feb Ben Stappers (ASTRON) " Pulsars, next generation telescopes and gravitational waves" 4pm, Seminar Room
11 Feb James Reeves (Keele) " Reflections on Active Galaxies with Suzaku " 4pm, Seminar Room
18 Feb Dimitrios Emmanoulopoulos (Southampton) " Blazar Studies in the Very High Energies " 4pm, Physics B
25 Feb School Board Mtg " - " -
4 Mar Tim Naylor (Exeter) " Star Formation Regions in the Era of Planet Formation " 4pm, Seminar Room
11 Mar - " - " 4pm, Seminar Room (poster day)

Summer term

20th April 2009 - 19th June 2009

Date Speaker Talk title Time/Venue
22 Apr Dougal Mackey (ROE) " Unveiling star cluster formation and evolution in the Magellanic Clouds " 4pm, Seminar Room
29 Apr Ed Daw (Sheffield) " Prospects or joint gravitational wave and electromagnetic searches for astrophysical transients " 4pm, Seminar Room (proj fair)
6 May David Clark (Southampton) " Searching For Illicit Radioactive Sources " 4pm, Seminar Room
13 May Danny Steeghs (University of Warwick ) " The galactic population of double-white dwarf binaries " 4pm, Seminar Room
20 May Sera Markoff (University of Amsterdam) " David vs. Goliath: What accreting stellar mass black holes can teach us about the supermassive " 4pm, Seminar Room
27 May - " - " 4pm, Seminar Room
3 Jun Phil Lucas (University of Hertfordshire) " The UKIDSS Galactic Plane Survey " 4pm, Seminar Room
10 Jun Pierre-Olivier Petrucci (LAOG, Grenoble) " The physics of accretion and ejection in microquasars " 4pm, Seminar Room
17 Jun Dave Russell (University of Amsterdam) " Discs and jets in X-ray binaries: confusion in the optical and infrared " 4pm, Seminar Room