Astronomy Group Seminar Programme 2016/2017

By default, seminars take place at 13:00-15:00 (including lunch and coffee) on Tuesdays, in the Physics Seminar Room.

Dates in bold text in the list below indicate seminars which are happening outside of this usual routine, and italicised dates show Tuesdays on which seminars will not occur.

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Autumn term 2016

29 September 2016 - 17 December 2016

Date Speaker Title Time/Venue
4 Oct The Astronomy Group Jamboree 1:30pm, Seminar Room
11 Oct Clive Tadhunter
Understanding the diversity of radio AGN: fuelling and triggering 1:30pm, Seminar Room
18 Oct Chris Copperwheat
(Liverpool John Moores)
"The Large Robotic Telescope: a facility for the new era of time domain astronomy" 1:30pm, Seminar Room
19 Oct Michael Mendillo
All-Sky-Imaging of solar-terrestrial disturbances in the upper atmosphere 2:30pm, 44/1057 (LTB)
25 Oct Vik Dhillon
HIPERCAM 1:30pm, Seminar Room
1 Nov Emily Petroff
Detection and follow-up of fast radio bursts 1:30pm, Seminar Room
8 Nov No seminar -- --
15 Nov Alberto Vecchio
Just the tip of the iceberg? Gravitational-wave observations of binary black holes 1:30pm, Seminar Room
22 Nov Richard Hills
Radio astronomy's high frontier: How ALMA came to be built 1:30pm, Seminar Room
24 Nov Ian McCrea
EISCAT_3D: The future of incoherent scatter radars 11:30am, 44/1041 (LTA)
29 Nov Martin Hardcastle
Radio galaxies and star formation in LOFAR surveys 1:30pm, Seminar Room
6 Dec Mike Goad
Variability as a probe of the central regions of AGN : latest results from intensive multi-wavelength monitoring campaigns 1:30pm, Seminar Room
13 Dec Amelie Saintonge
The role of gas flows in driving galaxy evolution: clues from the cold interstellar medium 1:30pm, Seminar Room

Spring term

9 January 2017 - 25 March 2017

Date Speaker Title Time/Venue
10 Jan No seminar -- --
17 Jan Stefan Kraus
Disks around low- and high-mass young stars resolved with interferometry 1:30pm, Seminar Room
24 Jan No seminar -- --
31 Jan Rob Shore
Climatology of polar ionospheric magnetic fields 1:30pm, Seminar Room
7 Feb No seminar -- --
14 Feb No seminar -- --
21 Feb Amy Ronksley
High latitude F-region wind, ion drift and Joule heating 1:15pm, Seminar Room
28 Feb Tom Marsh
A white dwarf pulsar 1:30pm, Seminar Room
7 Mar Rachel Buckland
Ionospheric modelling using EDAM 1:30pm, Seminar Room
14 Mar Daniel Whalen
Finding the First Cosmic Explosions 1:30pm, Seminar Room
21 Mar No seminar -- --

Summer term

24 April 2017 - 17 June 2017

Date Speaker Title Time/Venue
25 Apr Emma Bunce
Exploring Jupiter's polar magnetosphere 1:30pm, Seminar Room
2 May Clare Watt
Earth's Radiation Belts: The kinetic plasma physics of killer electrons 1:30pm, Seminar Room
9 May No seminar -- --
16 May Andrea Lapi
Coevolution of dusty starforming galaxies and supermassive black holes at high redshift 1:30pm, Seminar Room
23 May Michelle Collins
Using the smallest galaxies as a probe of cosmology and galaxy formation physics 1:30pm, Seminar Room
30 May MPhys Students CfA talks (click for more details) 1:30pm, Seminar Room
6 Jun Jennifer Carter
Comparing aurora and currents in the Earth's magnetosphere 1:30pm, Seminar Room
13 Jun Vadim Burwitz
Building an X-ray Telescope: Developing, Testing and Calibrating eROSITA 1:30pm, Seminar Room
20 Jun Jorge Casares Velazquez
Hibernating black holes unveiled by photometric mass functions 1:30pm, Lecture Theatre C