Astronomy Group Seminar Programme 2010/2011

All seminars take place at 4pm, unless otherwise stated.

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This year's (2010/2011) programme is still being prepared. If you are interested in giving a seminar in Southampton, please contact the organisers.

Autumn term

30th September 2010 - 17th December 2010

Date Speaker Title Talk Time/Venue
8 Oct Mathieu Servillat (Cambridge, USA) "What's hidden in globular clusters?" slides 2 pm, Geography A
(building 44/ room 1041)
13 Oct - cancelled - slides 4 pm, Physics C
20 Oct Manuela Molina (Milan) " Spying on AGN: a multiwavelength story of espionage " slides 4pm, Physics C
27 Oct Ryan Hickox (Durham) " Black Holes in the cosmic web: host galaxies and large-scale environments of AGN " slides 4:15pm, Physics C
3 Nov Ed Cackett (Cambridge) ''Exploring neutron star structure with quiescent low-mass X-ray binaries'' slides 4pm, Physics C
10 Nov Alessandro Patruno (Amsterdam) ''Evolution of Accreting Neutron Stars and the Recycling Scenario'' slides 4pm, Physics C
15 Nov (monday) Steve Zepf (Michigan) ''Dark Matter and Angular Momentum in the Outer Halos of Elliptical Galaxies'' slides 1pm, seminar room
17 Nov Physics Open Day
22 Nov (monday) Juan Fabregat (Valencia) ''Pulsations of B stars seen by CoRoT and Kepler'' slides 1pm, seminar room
24 Nov Peter Jonker (Utrecht) ''Constraining the neutron star equation of state and black hole formation models'' slides 4pm, Physics C
1 Dec Claudia Maraston (Portsmouth) ''Stellar population models and clues to galaxy evolution'' slides 4pm, Physics C
8 Dec Physics Open Day
15 Dec Jeremy Sanders (Cambridge) " Unlocking the secrets of the intracluster medium in galaxy clusters " slides 4pm, Physics C

Spring term

10th January 2011 - 1st April 2011

Date Speaker Title Talk Time/Venue
12 Jan Mark Gieles (Cambridge) " The Life-Cycle of Globular Clusters " slides 4pm, Physics C
19 Jan Mickael Coriat (Southampton) " On the origin of the dichotomy in the radio/X-ray correlation of black hole X-ray binaries " slides 4pm, seminar room
31 Jan (monday) Martin Altmann (Heidelberg) " Preparing for Gaia: getting ready for the biggest revolution in Galactic astronomy " slides 1pm, seminar room
2 Feb Andrea Stolte (Bonn) " Star cluster in the Galactic Center - their orbital motion and mysterious formation " slides 4pm, Physics C
9 Feb John Quinn (Dublin) " TeV Gamma-ray Astronomy with VERITAS " slides 4pm, Physics C
16 Feb Physics Open Day
23 Feb Jacco van Loon (Keele Observatory) " An infrared survey of pulsating giant stars in the spiral galaxy M33: Dust production, the star formation history, and galactic structure " slides 4pm, Physics C
2 Mar Suzanne Aigrain (Oxford) " Portraits of exoplanets on a red background " slides 4pm, Physics C
9 Mar Mark Birkinshaw (Bristol) " The low-redshift 3CRR radio galaxies " slides 4pm, Physics C
16 Mar Volker Heesen (Hertfordshire) " Magnetic fields in galactic radio halos " slides 4pm, Physics C
23 Mar Elisa Costantini (SRON Utrecht) " The absorbing/emitting ionized gas in AGN viewed in X-rays and UV " slides 4pm, Physics C

Summer term

3rd May 2011 - 17th June 2011

Date Speaker Title Talk Time/Venue
4 May Knud Jahnke (Heidelberg) " Scaling relations between galaxies and their central black holes: Facts and fiction " slides 4pm, Physics C
11 May Evan Keane (Manchester) " Studies of Fast Radio Transients " slides 4pm, Physics C
18 May Fabio Mattana (Paris) " The evolution of Pulsar Wind Nebulae traced by X- and Gamma-ray observations " slides 4pm, Physics C
25 May Philipp Podsiadlowski (Oxford) " The Origin of the UV Upturn in Elliptical Galaxies " slides 4pm, seminar room
1 June Michael F. Bode (Liverpool) " Novae: New Insights and Unsolved Puzzles " slides 4pm, seminar room
8 June Annette Ferguson (Edinburgh) " Unveiling the Outer Regions of Disk Galaxies " slides 4pm, seminar room