Astronomy Group Seminar Programme 2007/8

All seminars take place at (the new time of) 4pm. Note that because of scheduling clashes, we will have to use several different venues this year. For more information, contact

This year's (2007/2008) programme is still being prepared. If you are interested in giving a seminar in Southampton, please contact the organisers.

Autumn term

4th October 2007 - 14th December 2007

Date Speaker Talk title Time/Venue
11 Sep Iossif Papadakis (University of Crete) " The 2-10keV variability properties of AGN in the Lockman Hole " 4pm, Seminar Room
17 Sep Jorge Cuadra (JILA, University of Colorado) " Accretion and Star Formation Around the Galactic Super-Massive Black Hole " 4pm, Seminar Room
10 Oct Astronomy Group "Jamboree" 4pm, Physics B
17 Oct Dean McLaughlin (Keele) " Internal structures and systemic mass functions of globular star clusters " 4pm, Physics B
24 Oct Nicole Nesvadba (Observatoire de Paris - Meudon) " AGN-Feedback in High-z Radio Galaxies: Bubbles, Outflows & the Role of the Radio Jet " 4pm, Physics B
31 Oct Alex Blustin (MSSL/UCL) " Ionised winds in active galactic nuclei: black hole - galaxy feedback in action? " 4pm, Physics B
7 Nov Gavin Ramsay (Armargh Observatory) " Ultra-compact binary stars " 2pm, Physics B, Note earlier time to avoid board meeting!!
14 Nov Richard de Grijs (Sheffield) " Star Cluster Evolution -- From young massive star clusters to old globulars " 4pm, Physics B
21 Nov Tomaso Belloni (INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera) " The evolution of black hole binaries " 4pm, Shackleton B
28 Nov Omar Almaini (Nottingham) " Mapping the Epoch of Galaxy Formation" 4pm, Shackleton C
5 Dec Wyn Evans (IoA, Cambridge) " Ghostly Streams and Phantom Satellites" 4pm, Physics B
12 Dec Alfonso Aragon-Salamanca (Nottingham) " The formation of S0 galaxies" 4pm, Physics B

Spring term

14th January 2008 - 14th March 2008

Date Speaker Talk title Time/Venue
16 Jan Peter Curran (Amsterdam) " The hidden X-ray breaks in Gamma-ray Burst afterglows " 4pm, Shackleton B
22 Jan Dave Green (MRAO, Cambridge) " Historical Supernova Explosions in Our Galaxy and Their Remnants " 2pm, Shackleton B
23 Jan Bob Nichol (Portsmouth) " Dark Energy " 4pm, Shackleton B
30 Jan No seminar? " - " Leave clear for Board Meeting!!
6 Feb Chris Done (Durham) " Accreting Black Holes " 4pm, Shackleton B
13 Feb Pete Wheatley (Warwick) " Transiting Extra Solar Planets " 4pm, Physics B
20 Feb Nicholas Walton (Cambridge) " AstroGrid and the Virtual Observatory " 4pm, Physics B
27 Feb Judith Croston (Herts) " The environments, particle content and impact of radio-loud AGN " 4pm, Physics B
5 Mar Roberto Soria (MSSL/UCL) " BH masses in ultraluminous X-ray sources " 4pm, Physics B
12 Mar Dave Alexander (Durham) " Toward a Complete Census of AGN activity and Black-Hole Growth " 4pm, Physics B

Summer term

14th April 2008 - 20th June 2008

Date Speaker Talk title Time/Venue
16 Apr Roy Maartens (Portsmouth) " Dark Energy or Modified Gravity? " 4pm, Physics B
23 Apr Sylvain Chaty (Paris) " How to reveal the most obscured high energy sources of our Galaxy " 4pm, Physics B
30 Apr Chris Reynolds (Maryland) " The temporal variability of black hole accretion " 4pm, Physics B
7 May No Seminar " - " Leave clear for Board Meeting!!!
14 May No seminar? " - " 4pm, Physics B
15 May Ari Laor (Technion) " - " 4pm, Shackleton C
21 May Trevor Ponman (Birmingham) " Groups, feedback & galaxy evolution " 4pm, Physics B
28 May Rob Kennicutt (IoA, Cambridge) " Nearby Galaxies in the Infrared as Revealed by Spitzer and Herschel " 4pm, Shackleton B
4 Jun No seminar " - " 4pm, Shackleton B
11 Jun Haley Gomez (Cardiff) " Supernova and the Interstellar Dust Budget " 4pm, Shackleton B
18 Jun Jerome Rodriguez (CEA, Saclay) " High energy spectro-temporal approach and multiwavelength studies " 4pm, Shackleton B
25 Jun Ignacio Negueruela (Alicante) " Wind-powered X-ray binaries " 4pm, Physics B