Astronomy Group Seminar Programme 2009/2010

All seminars take place at 4pm.

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This year's (2009/2010) programme is still being prepared. If you are interested in giving a seminar in Southampton, please contact the organisers.

Autumn term

5th October 2009 - 11th December 2009

Date Speaker Title Talk Time/Venue
21 Oct Adam Hill (LAOG) " The Fermi HE sky: An overview of Year 1 " slides 4pm, Physics B
28 Oct Inaugural lecture - Malcolm Coe " Tides in the Universe " 5 pm Physics Lecture Theatre A
4 Nov Piergiorgio Casella (Southampton) " Multiwavelength variability from jets, a new powerful tool " slides 4pm, Physics B
11 Nov Klaas Wiersema (Leicester) " Using gamma-ray burst afterglows as probes of high redshift galaxies " slides 4pm, Physics B
18 Nov Myrto Symeonidis (MSSL) " The central energy source in dusty 70um-selected galaxies: Starburst or AGN? " slides 4pm, Physics B
19 Nov Francesca Panessa (Rome) " The radio cores of the faintest radio quiet AGN " slides visitor talk, 4pm, Seminar Room
27 Nov (Friday!) Pedro Ferreira (Oxford) " Testing the Dark Energy Hypothesis " Joined SHEP/ASTRO Seminar, 4.15 pm, Nuffield Theatre, Room 1077 (LTA)
2 Dec David Southwood (ESA) " Europe in Space " slides 2pm, Physics C
9 Dec Tom Marsh (Warwick) " White Dwarfs, Type Ia Supernovae & Gravitational Waves " slides 4pm, Physics B

Spring term

4th January 2010 - 19th March 2010

Date Speaker Title Talk Time/Venue
13 Jan Alejo Martínez Sansigre (Oxford) " Some observational constraints on the spin of supermassive black holes from demographics of active galactic nuclei " slides 4pm, Physics B
20 Jan Rudy Wijnands (Amsterdam) " - " postponed
27 Jan Martin Hardcastle (Herfordshire) " High-energy particle acceleration in active galaxies " slides 4pm, Seminar Room
3 Feb Andrew Norton (Open University) " Accretion flows in magnetic cataclyslic variables " slides 4pm, Physics B
10 Feb Gabriele Ponti (Southampton) " The inglorious past of Sgr A*, since the end of the Roman Empire " slides 4pm, Physics B
17 Feb Matt Griffin (Cardiff) " First scientific results from Herschel " slides 4pm, Physics B
24 Feb Stefano Bianchi (Rome) " The nature of the soft X-ray emission in obscured AGN " 4pm, Physics B
3 Mar Luisa Ostorero (Turin, Italy) " - " Canceled
10 Mar Douglas Heggie (Edinburgh) " Simulating Star Clusters " slides 4pm, Shackleton LT B
18 Mar Casey Law " Science with the Allen Telescope Array " 4pm, Physic LT B (Thursday!)

Summer term

19th April 2010 - 18th June 2010

Date Speaker Title Talk Time/Venue
28 Apr Johannes Knapp (Leeds) " Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays and Recent Results from the Pierre Auger Observatory " slides 4pm, Physics B - Joined SHEP/ASTRO Seminar
5 May Jess Broderick (Southampton) " MRC B1221-423: a compact steep-spectrum radio source in a merging galaxy " slides 4pm, Physics B
12 May Betty Lanchester (Southampton) " Auroral structure and kinetics: how do high resolution measurements constrain theories? " slides 4pm, Physics B
25 May Michael Garcia (Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory) " M31* - The SMBH in our Nearest Neighbor Galaxy " TUE 25.5. 11.30am!, Seminar Room
2 Jun " " 4pm, Seminar Room
9 Jun Anne Green (Nottingham) " The search for dark matter " slides 4pm, Seminar Room
16 Jun Iosif Papadakis (Crete) " Spectra variability of AGN " 4pm, Physics B