Astronomy Group Seminar Programme 2014/2015

By default, seminars take place at 16:00 on Wednesdays, in Lecture Theatre C (LTC) of Building 46 (Physics).

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Autumn term

25 September 2014 - 13 December 2014

Date Speaker Title Time/Venue
2 Oct Astronomy Group (Soton) "Astronomy Group Jamboree" 16:00, Physics LTC
8 Oct Jean-François Robitaille (Soton) "Multiscale analysis of Galactic dust emission" 16:00, Physics LTC
15 Oct Mark Gieles (Surrey) "How much can we learn about star formation in the early Universe from young massive star clusters?" 16:00, Physics LTC
22 Oct Hayden Rampadarath (Soton) "Applications of High-Frequency Resolution, Wide-Field VLBI: Observations of Nearby Star-Forming Galaxies & Habitable Exoplanetary Candidates" 16:00, Physics LTC
29 Oct Nick Wright (Hertfordshire) "The Dynamics of Star Formation and Star Clusters" 16:00, Physics LTC
5 Nov Raphael Hirschi (Keele) "Massive Stars: Modelling, Evolution and Impact" 16:00, seminar room
11 Nov Peter Curran (Curtin) "The evolving polarised jets of stellar mass black holes" 11:00, Physics LTB
12 Nov David Green (Cambridge) "Statistical properties of galactic SNRs and G1.9+0.3, the youngest known remnant" 16:00, Music (B2) LTC (rm 1085)
19 Nov Ignacio Negueruela (Alicante) "Massive clusters towards the inner Milky Way: starburst regions at the end of the Long Bar?" 16:00, Physics LTC
26 Nov Andrew Fletcher (Newcastle) "How filamentary is that filament? Quantitative morphology of interstellar gas (and other astronomical structures)" 16:00, Physics LTC
3 Dec Scott Ransom (NRAO) "But wait! There's more!: A Wealth of Science from Millisecond Pulsars" 16:00, Music (B2) LTC (rm 1085)
10 Dec Erin Kara (Cambridge) "Mapping the accretion flow in supermassive black holes" 16:00, Physics LTC
11 Dec Paulina Lira (Chile) "The accretion discs of high redshift quasars" 16:00, seminar room
17 Dec Sarka Wykes (Nijmegen) "Mass entrainment and cosmic-ray energisation in Centaurus A" 16:00, Physics LTC

Spring term

5 January 2015 - 21 March 2015

Date Speaker Title Time/Venue
21 Jan Matthew Pitkin (Glasgow) "Searches for gravitational waves from neutron stars" 16:00, Building 44:LT A (1041)
4 Feb -- -- --
11 Feb Colin Forsyth (Mullard) "Revealing the structure of substorm currents" 16:00, Physics LT C
18 Feb Alan Watson (Leeds) "Some results of astrophysical importance from the Pierre Auger Observatory" 16:00, Building 44:LT A (1041)
25 Feb Michaela Hirschmann (Paris) TBD 16:00, venue TBD
4 Mar Haley Gomez (Cardiff) "Dust in supernovae and supernova remnants" 16:00, venue TBD
11 Mar Viola Allevato (Helsinki) TBD 16:00, venue TBD

Summer term

20 April 2015 - 13 June 2015

Date Speaker Title Time/Venue
22 Apr Phil Uttley (Amsterdam) "Why X-rays from black holes vary: the role of the accretion disc" 16:00, Physics LTC
29 Apr Torbjorn Sundberg (Queen Mary) "Ion Acceleration at Collisionless Bow Shocks: Linking Observations, Theory and Modelling" 16:00, Physics LTC
6 May Tim Staley (Oxford) "Tuneable algorithms for transient followup" 16:00, Physics LTC
12 May Marc Huertas-Company (Paris) The morphologies of massive galaxies from z~3 - Witnessing the 2 channels of bulge growth 11:30, Seminar Room (5081), Level 5
13 May Christopher Reynolds
(University of Maryland)
The physics of AGN feedback in galaxy clusters 16:00, Physics LTA
20 May Jonathan Nichols (Leicester) "Alien auroras: the magnetic fields and auroral radio emissions of exoplanets" 16:00, Physics LTA
3 Jun Daniela Dorner (University of Würzburg) "FACT - AGN monitoring at TeV energies" 16:00, Physics LTA
10 Jun Noelia Noël (Surrey) "Disentangling the Magellanic System" 16:00, Physics LTA
11 Jun Gareth Perry (University of Calgary) "CASSIOPE and e-POP: Canada’s latest endeavour in studying the near Earth geospace environment" 11:00, Physics LTB
17 July Xiaoyan Zhou (UCLA) "Shock aurora and daytime imaging of the aurora”" 14:00, Seminar Room