Astronomy Group Seminar Programme 2015/2016

By default, seminars take place at 13:00-15:00 (including lunch and coffee) on Tuesdays, in the Physics Seminar Room.

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Summer term

19 April 2016 - 11 June 2016

Date Speaker Title Time/Venue
19 Apr Stuart Sim (QUB) "Explosion Modelling for Type Ia Supernova" 1 pm, Seminar Room
26 Apr Jo Dunkley (Oxford) "The polarized microwave background: from neutrinos to gravitational waves" 1 pm, Seminar Room
3 May Sean Matt (Exeter) "Rotation, Magnetic Activity and Mass Loss of Sun-like stars" 1:30 pm, Seminar Room
10 May Karen Masters (ICG; Portsmouth) "Why Galaxy Morphology is Still Interesting" 1:30 pm, Seminar Room
17 May Kathy Romer (Sussex) "Studying Cosmology with Clusters: a Miracle Cure or a Mug's Game?" 1:30 pm, Seminar Room
24 May Adrian Grocott (Lancaster) "Exploring near-Earth space with ionospheric radars" 1:30 pm, Seminar Room
31 May Sandra Chapman (Warwick) "Multiscale physics and heliospheric climatology" 1:30 pm, Seminar Room
7 Jun Peter Jonker (SRON) "Constraints on the formation of stellar- & intermediate mass black holes" 1:30 pm, Seminar Room
13 Jun Daniel Asmus (ESO) "The predominance of infrared emission from the polar region of accreting supermassive black holes 2:00 pm, Seminar Room
29 Jun Daniel Proga (UNLV) 3:30 pm, Seminar Room


Autumn term 2015 (Completed)

24 September 2015 - 12 December 2015

Date Speaker Title Time/Venue
23 Sep Deanne Coppejeans
(Radboud University, Nijmegen)
"Do all accreting white dwarfs launch jets?" 4 pm, Physics C
14 Oct Ana Laura Serra
(University of Milan)
"Structures along the line of sight in strong gravitational lensing" 4 pm, Room 5027: Maths
21 Oct Adam Ingram
"Precession of orbits around the stellar-mass black hole in H 1743-322" 4 pm, Room 5027: Maths
28 Oct Mike Childress
"The Modern Supernova Zoo" 4 pm, Room 1023: Building 58
4 Nov: STAG Lecture Brian Schmidt
"The expanding Universe" 2.30 pm, Turner Sims
11 Nov Rudy Wijnands
"Sub-Eddington accretion in neutron stars" 4 pm, Room 1067: Building 58
18 Nov Stephen Smartt
"Superluminous supernovae - cosmic origins and evolution" 4 pm, Physics: LT C
25 Nov David Sing
"Results from a Large Survey of Hot Jupiter Exoplanetary Atmospheres" 4 pm, Room 1067: Building 58
2 Dec Licia Ray
"Auroral Acceleration at Jupiter" 4 pm, Physics: LT C
9 Dec Mike Childress
"The Modern Supernova Zoo" 4 pm, Room 1067: Building 58

Spring term (Completed)

4 January 2016 - 19 March 2016

Date Speaker Title Time/Venue
13 Jan Farzana Meru
"Giant planet formation and evolution in self-gravitating discs" 4 pm, Building 44: LT A
20 Jan Nina Hatch (Nottingham) "Galaxy evolution in proto-clusters" 4 pm, Building 44: LT A
27 Jan Ranieri Baldi "The multi-band properties of low-luminosity radio galaxies in the local Universe" 4 pm, Physics A
3 Feb Mikako Matsuura
"Herschel and ALMA findings of supernovae – dust, molecules and nuclear synthesis" 4 pm, Building 58: Room 1023
10 Feb Alan Heavens (ICIC) "Bayesian Weak Lensing" 4 pm, Physics A
16 Feb Yvette Perrott (Cavendish) "The Arcminute Microkelvin Imager telescope and its new digital correlator" 1 pm, Seminar Room
23 Feb Chris Done (Durham) "Reverberation mapping of the outer accretion disc in NGC5548" 1 pm, Seminar Room
1 Mar Jonathan Rae (MSSL, UCL) "Explosive energy release in space plasma: Earth's magnetospheric substorm" 1 pm, Seminar Room
8 Mar David Alexander (Durham) "Active Galaxies in Cosmic X-ray Surveys: The Ecology of Distant AGNs" 1 pm, Seminar Room
15 Mar Caroline Villforth (Bath) "Fueling and triggering Active Galactic Nuclei" 1 pm, Seminar Room